self-PCR test Round Trip 2022.3~

place of getting on and off 4-hour private course Fee
23 wards in Tokyo Round trip to 23 wards in Tokyo ¥20,000      ~
Musashino City, Mitaka City Round trip to Tokyo and Musan City ¥25,000      ~
・An additional fee of 3,300 yen every 30 minutes (tax included) will be charged if the service exceeds 4 hours.
・English and Chinese speaking drivers are available free of charge.
・Please feel free to inquire about other time charter services.

Airport Transfer  
We accept reservation on the day

About Narita and Haneda Airport transfers

We will help you get to your destination

Price Lis

Available Vehicles
・Alphard / Vellfire (max. 3 people) ※ 2 people depending on luggage volume
・Hiace (max. 4 people)
※Maximum capacity according to corona virus counter measures

From/To Destination Fee
Narita Airport 23 wards, Musashino City, Mitaka City, Tokyo ¥30,000      ~
Haneda Airport Tokyo 23wards ¥15,000      ~
Keisei-Ueno Station Tokyo 23wards ¥  8,000      ~

▼From/To Haneda Airport
Destination Fee
Chiba Prefecture ¥30,000      ~
Saitama (Kawaguchi, Saitama) ¥30,000      ~
Saitama (other than the above) ¥40,000      ~
Other than Tokyo's 23wards ¥25,000      ~
Yokohama,Kawasaki. Kanagawa Prefecture ¥20,000      ~
Outside The Yokohama Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture ¥35,000      ~
Aomori Prefecture ¥285,000      ~
Akita Prefecture ¥265,000      ~
Iwate Prefecture ¥255,000      ~
Yamagata Prefecture ¥178,000      ~
Miyagi Prefecture ¥148,000      ~
Fukushima Prefecture ¥108,000      ~
Ibaraki Prefecture ¥60,000      ~
Gunma Prefecture ¥70,000      ~
Tochigi Prefecture ¥70,000      ~
Yamanashi Prefecture ¥50,000      ~
Niigata Prefecture ¥80,000      ~
Nagano Prefecture ¥90,000      ~
Shizuoka Prefecture ¥90,000      ~
Aichi Prefecture ¥128,000      ~
Gifu Prefecture ¥138,000      ~
Toyama Prefecture ¥168,000      ~
Ishikawa Prefecture ¥188,000      ~
Fukui Prefecture ¥195,000      ~
Shiga Prefecture ¥168,000      ~
Kyoto Prefecture ¥215,000      ~
Nara Prefecture ¥188,000      ~
Osaka Prefecture ¥235,000      ~
Wakayama Prefecture ¥260,000      ~
Hyogo Prefecture ¥255,000      ~

・This is the price list of the areas where we can transfer.
 *We do not accept transfers to areas that are not displayed.
・We accept reservations on the day. Please feel free to contact us.
・We accept hourly charter reservation.
・Payment by credit card, cash, or transfer (prepayment) are accepted.

Please understand that these are special correspondence of the corona virus counter measure guidelines during this period.

【Important Matters】
If you are unable to comply, we may cancel the operation.
If the service is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, you will have to return to the airport at the pick-up destination and disembark.
In that case, 100% of the fee will be charged as cancellation due to customer's convenience.

*We cannot accept destinations for the purpose of connecting to public transportation.
*You cannot change the destination reported to the quarantine officer or get off the bus at any time.
*Be sure to wear mask until you arrive at your destination in your home or hotel.
*Please be sure to take your trash at home.
*The inside of the car is disinfected and cleaned before boarding, but the driver may disinfect and clean the car in a timely manner.
*Drivers must wear mask.
*We will open the window by about 1 cm while driving for ventilation inside the vehicle.

*As a basic reservation, please fill in the required information on the reservation form 48 hours before the desired date and time of reservation. We will contact you within 24 hours for confirmation. ⇒Clickhere

*If you need emergency response on the day before or on the day of the reservation, please contact our Reservation Department by phone.
We will response as much as possible in various situations.

*The pick-up time is set in consideration of the time required for PCR test.
We recommend you to set it 2-3 hours after the flight arrives.
For airport pick-up waiting until 2 hours from the designated pick-up time is free of charge.
After that, we will charge 3,300 yen every 30 minutes.

Depending on the current condition, the required time to enter Japan will vary significantly, therefore please inform the driver in charge of the inspection status etc.
We will do our best to accommodate you.

Example) Flight arrival 10:00 →Designated pick-up time 14:00.
Please contact our driver between 10:00 to 14:00 and inform the situation.
We will wait until 16:00 free of charge

*The driver in charge of the rides always checks the flight status of your flight.
Please be assured that we will respond flexibly to early arrival and delay.